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shaggfest 2013

Z104 Shagg Fest 2013 – J.Cole| Juicy J| T.Mills| Kid Ink| Pusha T And More

shaggfest 2013

The Shagg Fest 2013 line-up and venue was announced this morning on Z104 and by Farm Bureau Live. If you missed Shagg Fest 2012, you don’t want to miss this one! National headliners for this year include J. Cole, Juicy J, Ashanti, Kat Dahlia, Drop City Yacht Club, T. Mills, Kid Ink, B. Smyth and VA’s own Pusha T. Local acts that have been announced are: @BiggK757@biminird ,@CAMPUSva,@_TheHunts_ and @NottzRaw with DMP, @TheOfficialRio, @IssacGay,@LadderMoves, @KevinMacVA, @MrMathis757,@JacksonLeBeau and @WeNeverSleepXO.

Shagg Fest tickets will go on general sale on Friday, April 5 at 10:00 a.m. via the box office amphitheater (no service charge), all Ticketmaster outlets (Buy Shagg Fest tickets online via TicketMaster) and charge by phone (800) 745-3000. Tickets will go on presale to ZVIPS on Thursday, April 4 at 10:00 a.m.  The show is only being sold for the pavilion only, not the lawn.  According to Farm Bureau Live, tickets start at $10.40 up to $39.00.  A  limited number of VIP tickets (200) will also be available for $99*. Tickets can also be purchased at Coastal Edge stores for no service charge. Shagg Fest 2013 will take place Saturday, June 15 at 3:00 p.m.

*VIP tickets include (1) ticket to the general admission dance floor, one (1) VIP club pass, entry to the Hertz preferred parking lot (buy 1-2 pkgs and receive 1 parking pass, buy 3-4 pkgs and receive 2 parking passes), a wristband for the autograph line and a commemorative Z104 Shaggfest t-shirt provided by the station. VIP pkgs can be picked up from the venue Box Office starting 2 hours prior to show time. Parking pass(es) will be mailed.

(via Ticketmaster’s website)

re-up rap contest no malice

Re-Up Rap Contest

re-up rap contest no malice

The 757 entertainment scene does it again! Putting on a unique event to showcase Norfolk’s youth and providing awareness on youth gang violence, hip hop recording artist and VA’s own No Malice teams up with volunteers across Hampton Roads for the Re-Up Rap Contest. Centered around teens of the Diggs Town and Oakleaf neighborhoods, the contest was created to highlight the talents of individuals in these communities, ages 13-18, and ultimately empower kids to look to art as an alternative to violence.

The official Facebook event page reads: “The final rap competition will take place on Saturday, June 15, 2013. It will showcase performances from the 10 finalists, chosen from a pool of 50 preliminary competitors.” The grand prize includes $500, studio time to record a single, and a music video shoot. 
The judges include Bink, FAM-Lay, and No Malice. The event will be hosted by HOT 91’s JLS. It is being sponsored by the National Father Initiative and Victory Life Church. Location to be announced.
For more info, please visit the link below. 

Shaggfest Auditions RESULTS!

In what undoubtedly became one of Shaggy’s most difficult decisions regarding Shaggfest was the penultimate auditions in which two of the top ten acts would earn a spot on this year’s bill. To be eligible to audition for Shaggfest acts were to attend at least one of two meetings and race to sell tickets to their proven fan bases. Out of 50+ acts from around Hampton Roads who originally vied for the opportunity of a lifetime the ten to make the cut included Eyerone, Callusout, Dirty and Easi, Campus, Triumph and Munee, A.C.C., Rio, Hen, Capitol QB, and Tommy Johnson.

Imagine Memorial Day. People are off work enjoying time with their families or at the beach or slaving over the barbecue pit. Driven by the mere thought of performing in a festival co-headlined by Timbaland and legendary producer Teddy Riley these artists set aside three hours of the holiday for a shot at the coveted slots. These three hours, much to the surprise of everyone in attendance especially Shaggy, turned into a Shaggfest pre-show full of energy and cleverly delivered punch lines. The artists definitely came hungry and by 2pm Shaggy had made up his mind.

“At least 95% of the performers today deserve to be on the show,” Shaggy enthusiastically told me after the auditions. He even notably tweeted:

Man I have a hard job. All these auditions acts are beyond dope. And deserve a shot…Wow. The top 10 who auditioned should be proud. I’m blown away. Severely talented group.

Rounding up the already star-studded event are Callusout, an alternative rock-rap group with a sound all their own, and Rio, a rapper out of left field who comes off as shy and humble but immediately commands the stage with poise and delivery. The other artists immediately took to Twitter and, as a true testament to Shaggfest’s impact in VA’s music scene, congratulated Callusout and Rio in what felt like a brotherhood of artists all in support of the same cause.

The remaining acts will prospectively be featured in a show at The Norva in August.

Shaggfest is on June 9th at the Virginia Beach Sportsplex. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster or through artists involved.

[Exclusive Interview] Z 104’s Shaggy Talks Shagg Fest; Why He Started It, Why You Should Support & More

Hampton Roads’ local music festival being helmed by Z 104’s Brandon Stokes (b.k.a. Shaggy) is a little under a month away. As the excitement builds for the event of the summer in the 757, the co-host of the Z Morning Zoo shared in an exclusive interview with The Heat 757 on why he started Shagg Fest,  how the local artist line-up was chosen, his feelings on the “backlash” and more.

Why did you start Shagg Fest and why did you name it after yourself?

I wanted to do a music show that was for us, meaning HRVA and Richmond.  And as of now I have around 13 indie/local groups performing at Shagg Fest. People are throwing stones at the fact I called the show Shagg Fest after my name,  Shaggy.  Truth be told I never wanted to call it that. But after a looonnnng conversation with Pharrell he explained to me it’s all about branding and he knew it would grow and the only way I personally could grow my name is to attach my name to it.”

How did you go about choosing who would perform (local artists)?

I’ve either seen their live show or heard their music.  It’s more than just one hit single it’s ‘Do you have a fan base?’ ‘ Have you ever done a show at the Norva?’  And a couple of the acts were from last year’s Shagg Fest and the demand was there for them to come back.”

Do you think everyone who wanted to be a part had a fair shot?

When you have a show of this size there is never a fair shot. There is just not enough time to listen or see every local act.  Plus, people send me songs all day but that is just a song.  You gotta have the whole package for me to co-sign my name on it.  I’m trying my best at giving everyone the attention they deserve.”

You have gone through a lot of trouble to put a great show together for Hampton Roads. Why do you think there is so much hate regarding Shagg Fest, a show that was made for us?

I don’t think its hate, I just think it’s artists who really want to be on the show and they think they are deserving of it.  Nobody deserves anything. Let your fans and your music do the talking.  Hating on a music fest that you know you want to be on will not help you next year.  By the way, I am already planning Shagg Fest 2013.  And I will always look out for people who believe in the movement and aren’t just mad because they didn’t get their shot this year.”

Why should Hampton Roads come out and support Shagg Fest?

Umm that’s a hard question. It’s really not about the everyday HRVA person,  I want the music fans to support.  VA has a crazy well-rounded music scene and this is their outlet to enjoy music and network.

Are there any misconceptions you want to clear up regarding the show or your support for the local music scene?

A lot of people defend me in what I’m doing for the indie/local music scene and I appreciate it.  But just remember this, even though the  radio stations are located in your city, that doesn’t mean their corporation is.  What that means is it’s all about the bottom line and business. In this day and age people aren’t throwing money around for a risk.  Shagg Fest is something I strongly believe in and if you want this area to have an outlet that’s bigger than anybody, then you need to be at the show June 9 to show corporate America. We have to continue to press forward with what we all know is right.

Shagg Fest will take place June 9, 2012 at the Virginia Beach Sportsplex. Tickets are only $20 and are available via Ticketmaster or local acts on the bill. For more information visit Shagg Fest’s official website  and Facebook Fan Page.

IndependentlyPR Celebrates One-Year Anniversary with Rockstars & Rhyme

IndependentlyPR celebrated their one-year anniversary this past Friday with Rockstars & Rhyme at the Palace on Plume.  IPR’s founder, LaWanda White, shared with The Heat 757 what the past year has been like for the burgeoning PR firm and what she looks forward to most for the future.

On IPR’s first year

IPR’s first year was …unexpected… in many ways. It wasn’t a venture that I had planned on for years, but we’ve had an exciting opening year and building great relationships along the way!”

On the most difficult challenge she has faced this past year

The most difficult challenge is trying to please everyone. I just learned that it’s not going to happen. So I just find the good in the bad and use that as fuel to take our brand to the next level.”

 On the accomplishment she is most proud of

It seems that starting a business is the easy part, the challenge is staying in business. I’m most proud and excited that we have clients and people that believe in the brand which has allowed us to work with big names in the industry including: Rakim, Maino and Kevin Shine.”

On what she is looking forward to in the year ahead

I am looking forward to taking more risks.  I want to implement more unique and creative ideas that will attract the type of clientele that we want to represent. So far, the team and I have had an amazing journey and we are ready for the good, the bad and the ugly because overcoming that is what’s going to determine our success moving forward.”






Face of Fox 43 Contest

Calling all Hampton Roads personalities! Fox 43 is now seeking its new on-air representative through its 5th annual Face of Fox 43 competition! Perhaps you exude charisma and presence on camera. Maybe you see yourself reporting for the Hampton Roads Show. What if you need a job? If you’ve answered yes to all three questions they you could very well be what Fox 43 needs!

Saturday, April 28th, Fox 43 is holding live auditions at MacArthur Mall second level from 10am to 2pm. Or you can submit 1 to 2 minute video entries to the link below. Remember, all entries are due by May 17th! The more enthusiasm you show, the better! Good luck to all entries!

Real World Auditions Here in Hampton Roads!


Have you been told you have star quality and deserve to have cameras following your every move? Do you fit the “jock” role or perhaps the “vixen?” Could you use a boost in your celebrity?

Come out to “The Real World” casting call this Wednesday, April 18th, at the Granby Theater in downtown Norfolk! If you have the biggest personality among your friends then you may be what the casting directors of the hit MTV reality series is looking for. The casting call will take place between 11 AM and 6 PM at 421 Granby Street, Norfolk VA, 23510. Remember, they are looking for individuals who are at least 20 years of age and appear between 20-24, so bring your ID! And just a little tip from someone who has made it to the second round before, don’t rely on the traits “crazy,” “outrageous,” and “likes to party” to get you through!

Who knows? The next MTV star may be from right here in the 757! Tt was right here at this location where “Real World:San Diego” roommate Sam McGinn was discovered!

For more information, visit the link below

Terrence J Visits Hampton Roads

In case you missed it! Yesterday, Z104 radio was graced with the appearance of none other than Terrence J. For you hip hop heads out there you may know him for hosting BET’s popular music video countdown program “106 & Park.” So what is the young gent up to nowadays? Venturing into acting territory, you may see him recurrently featured on the hit reality show “Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami” and on “The Game.” Not only has he been promoting his upcoming film “Think Like a Man,” but he will hit the big screen in the late Whitney Houston’s final film, “Sparkle.”

Busier than ever, the co-founder to Jenkins Entertainment Group is sure to have a bright 2012.

Jet Crashes Into Apartments In Virginia Beach

Ejected Seat From Jet Crash In Virginia Beach. Photo Courtesy of Twitter.

An FA-18 Jet crashed today just after takeoff in Virginia Beach at Mayfair Mews apartments off Birdneck Road. The two pilots were safely ejected and are being treated for injuries that are said to be non-life threatening. There are no reports about injuries from persons in the apartment buildings and on the ground. A 1-800 number is being established for those concerned about loved ones who reside in the affected apartments. Officials are asking motorists to avoid the interstate and the crash area if at all possible. For more information and updates visit WAVY News 10’s website. Story is developing…

Jet crashes in Virginia Beach. Photo courtesy of Twitter.


Picture of jet on fire from jet crash in Virginia Beach. From Twitter.

Veer Magazine Presents the Return of The Local Music Awards

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Hampton Roads’ artists just really aren’t getting the attention they deserve!”? Well, this year they are! Veer Magazine Presents the Return of The Local Music Awards, Wednesday, February 15th at the Naro Expanded Cinema. With a show production comparable to the Grammy Awards and American Music Awards, the Local Music Awards is sure to contribute to the growing recognition of talent in the 757.

You can now vote for artists in categories such as jazz, hip hop, folk, acoustic singer-songwriter, best album, and many other categories. Winners will be selected in a process that comprises 50% of the voting public and 50% of an expert panel of judges in a survey powered by SurveyMonkey.

I’ve turned in my ballot! Do not miss this opportunity to support your local acts!