Tionnna Smalls Chats With The Heat About “Men Love Abuse” & More

Tionna Smalls, seems to do it all; author, relationship expert, television personality, business owner, and self-proclaimed Boss Chick. After authoring the successful Girl, Get Your Mind Right! , the outspoken Brooklynite we came to know and love as the relationship advisor on VH1’s “What Chili Wants” is back with a new book set to take bookstores and relationships by storm – Men Love Abuse: The Guide To Losing The Image Of The Nice Girl & Getting The Man You Want. Ms. Smalls chatted with The Heat about her new book, what projects she has coming up and if we can expect to see her in and around the 757.

So your philosophy is “nice girls finish last” and you have to be a bitch to get and keep a man. While some may beg to differ, I believe you are trying to say don’t be a pushover or too available. Some women nowadays are so desperate for a man, that they are too eager and willing to put up with anything and do anything. Are you telling women to tone it down a bit?

Well you are definitely correct. I am not telling women to walk around and be a raging bitch because that is not going to be helpful to you or your spouse. What I am saying is you can’t be a pushover with these men. You have to let them know that you are not a clown and that you are not beasting for them. You have to sometimes give them attitude and play games with them because they will play games with you. Nice girls indeed finish last that’s why I say you can’t be too nice to them. I said it and I will say it again, “Men Love Abuse.”

How have men reacted about the book so far? Do they agree with you?

A lot of men hit me up all of the time and try to debate with me but most of the men say that I am right. Even my two married men friends said that I was right. I love debating with men about this subject, this is why I am developing a documentary so we can hear their point of view on this topic.

Men Love Abuse is Volume 1 in The Pocketbook series. What can we expect next in the series?

This Pocketbook Series is so cute and unique because it is a series of small books that can fit in your pocket or pocketbook. We are going to have a lot of different topics such as cheating, messy friends, loving yourself, and most of all how to grind. All kind of topics. I am so happy and proud of this series.

You cater to single women with your books, but as someone who is engaged, will you start offering advice to married women as well in the future?

I offer advice to all women. I just don’t say married women per say because I am not yet married. I feel you should be married first before you give marital advice even if you are almost married and understand the principles of marriage.

I know you stay on your grind, and have mentioned you are working on a couple of projects. In addition to the expansion of Loveys to Atlanta and your new publishing company, Talk Dat Ish Books, what else are your currently working on? I know many miss you on the small screen after the end of “What Chili Wants.” When can we expect to see you back on Television?

Yes I am bringing my beloved accessories boutique, Loveys to the A! The women out there are fabulous and they will totally understand the concept of Loveys. Talk Dat Ish Books is my baby. It is an entity of my entertainment company, Talk Dat Ish Entertainment. I am so proud of myself for starting my own publishing company because I was already signed to a major publishing house, HarperCollins. I am a big fan of ownership and I want to own all of my own literary works now that I know the game. HarperCollins was great to me but now it is time for me to do me. I have a dating show green lit but I am waiting for the final particulars. I am born for television so I am definitely coming back. My goal is to be a talk show host. You know I want my show to be like the great shows we had in the 90’s like Richard Bey, the Ricki Lake Show, and the Jenny Jones Show.

Will we see you in the 757 area for a book signing or appearance in support of the book?

Yes I am going to come through to the 757…Funny thing is, my sister and I just opened a business in Virginia. It is called, Majesty’s Closet, It is a boutique for the Majestic Woman size 12-28. So I will be in Virginia quite often handling business.

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“Men Love Abuse” is now available on NOOK!